Liberty University J-school to inaugurate Fake News major

LYNCHBURG, VA – Liberty University’s School of Journalism is inaugurating a Fake News sequence to prepare students for the fastest-growing, most-lucrative segment of the media business.

“Too many of our graduates today are working at Starbucks or running up even more debt in graduate school,” said Prof. Albert Stonemarsh, director of the school. “We have a responsibility to train them to be journalists of the future.”

And that future, the professor said, “is obviously in fake news. People love fake news. Fake news makes money. It triggers a click reflex that Americans can’t resist. Liberty is going to be a big part of that.”

In an era of media consolidation and decreasing revenues, Fake News is booming by pandering to prejudice, indulging preconceived notions and exploiting the gullibility of the American public. The phenomenon dominated the recent presidential campaign, Stonemarsh said, and Donald Trump’s victory seems sure to accelerate the trend.

“We will be at the forefront,” he vowed. “Too many of these jobs have been going to places like Macedonia, and we will bring these good jobs back home. Nobody fakes things better than Americans.”

The School is developing a Fake News curriculum that will lead to a BPJ degree – Bachelor of Post-Truth Journalism – and has already secured internships for students at Breitbart News, the Hannity show, the National Enquirer and other successful media outlets. Paris Denard, a Trump spokesman who told CNN this week that truth no longer matters, is being recruited to lead the effort.

Calls to the University media office at 2 a.m. were not answered, verifying beyond any doubt that the story is true.


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